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YK Global Impact is an international advisory firm that enables international projects, new startups, social businesses, innovative businesses and technology, impact investment players to grow to their full potential by leveraging from managements' expertise in global business, development banking, structured finance, investment banking, international business management, access to global business and innovation network and partnership. 

CEO Yumiko Kusakabe
Yumiko Kusakabe, CEO

Global project innovator, executor and networker promoting international programs, cross-border projects to achieve high social economic impact through project finance, structured finance, impact investment and emerging market experience. Strong cross-cultural business experience as senior management for international programs.


YK Global Impact Mission

We advise clients, support and lead projects leveraging on the experience from multilateral development banking industry, international development finance, structured finance, and project finance. 

Our mission is to power up, scale up global impact by companies, projects by transferring best practices, leveraging our global business network.

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